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Pick up Aurora magazine’s spring 2016 issue

The spring 2016 issue of Aurora, UAF’s magazine, has been printed and is available by request.

The spring issue’s cover story shares first-year impressions from multiple students, faculty and staff who were new to campus in 2014, as well as from some 2014 alumni after their first post-graduation year.

Other stories report on the launch of a tiny satellite built by UAF engineering students and the glacier explorations of nine young women in the College of Natural Science and Mathematics’ Girls on Ice program.

If you haven’t received a copy and want one, contact The contents of the magazine are also available online at

UA Press book unveils Southwest Alaska’s bow-and-arrow wars

time-of-warring-mcThe University of Alaska Press has released “Anguyiim Nalliini/Time of Warring: The History of Bow-and-Arrow Warfare in Southwest Alaska,” edited by Ann Fienup-Riordan and translated by Alice Rearden.

In this powerful new book, longtime Yup’ik researcher Fienup-Riordan teams again with Rearden to bring a long-ignored oral history of warfare to light. “Time of Warring” combines Yup’ik oral accounts and written records to understand the dramatic history of the bow-and-arrow wars fought in southwest Alaska between A.D. 1300 and 1800.

Yet warfare is not the only story being told. The book also explores the cultural history of violence, retribution and ultimately peaceful coexistence. These narratives reveal the origins of place names and architectural practices in their cultural and historical context. Great warriors and heroic women of the past are revealed and discussed.

For more information about this title and many more, please visit or call 800-621-2736.

UAF Research Day featured more than 100 entries

Elizabeth Smith, center, won the School of Education Dean's Choice Award and third place overall in the annual Research Day awards sponsored by the Office of Undergraduate Research and Scholarly Activity. Smith stands between the Nanook mascot bear and her mentor, Assistant Professor of Special Education Joanne Healy. School of Education Dean Steve Atwater is in the background at left.
Elizabeth Smith, center, won the School of Education Dean’s Choice Award and third place overall in the annual Research Day awards sponsored by the Office of Undergraduate Research and Scholarly Activity. Smith stands between the Nanook mascot bear and her mentor, Assistant Professor of Special Education Joanne Healy. School of Education Dean Steve Atwater is in the background at left.

Zachary Goeden took first place among more than 100 entries during the annual UAF Research Day on April 26.

Goeden, a student in the School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences, won the overall competition with his project, “Differential Effects of Sea Star Wasting Syndrome Across Species.” He won $2,500.
Second place and $1,000 went to Kirsten Willimas of the School of Natural Resources and Extension for her project, “Hydroelectricity in Alaska: Current and Potential Developments.”
Third place and $500 went to Elizabeth Smith of the School of Education for her project, “Sharing with Robots.”
This year, Research Day featured 147 undergraduate students with 105 posters or displays. From scientific research to costume design, the entries highlighted activities in seven colleges and schools. Deans judged the entries from their schools and colleges and chose the top entries. These Dean’s Choice Award winners each received a $250 cash prize.
From these seven winners, the top three overall winners were chosen by a review panel.
The annual Research Day is hosted by UAF’s Office of Undergraduate Research and Scholarly Activity. URSA supports, develops and institutionalizes UAF’s diverse and robust programs of undergraduate research and creative projects.
Next year, Research Day 2017 will mark the 10th year of celebrating undergraduate research and creative projects at UAF. It will held on April 25, 2017. For more information, please visit the URSA website,

Spring into college savings with payroll deduction

Open Enrollment at UA is a great time to initiate or increase your college savings approach. University employees have the added ease and benefit of utilizing payroll deduction to save automatically into a UA College Savings Plan account. The UA College Savings Plan is a top-ranked 529 plan, offering investments that grow tax-deferred and earnings that are tax-free if used for qualified education expenses.

“Payroll deduction is convenient way for university employees to fund their college savings accounts,” said Lael Oldmixon, director of the UA College Savings Plan. “The employee tuition waiver is a wonderful employee benefit, but tuition represents only about half the cost of an education. Families need to plan for other costs such as room, board and fees.”

To participate in payroll deduction, employees should first set up an account in the UA College Savings Plan. Register online at or by calling 1-800-478-0003. Then, fill out the salary reduction form (form) and return it to the UA College Savings Plan office. Oldmixon also encourages participants “to review their investments and increase their systematic contributions whenever possible.”

Visit for more information about saving for college including a college cost calculator.

If you would prefer to talk to someone in person, the plan has an office in Fairbanks in Suite 207 of the Butrovich Building and in Anchorage in Suite 209 of the Bragaw Office Building.

Follow the UA College Savings Plan on Facebook for updates, upcoming events and college savings tips.

UA Press releases second edition of ‘Outside in the Interior’

outside-in-the-interior-2nd-ed-mcJust in time for summer, the University of Alaska Press has released a new edition of “Outside in the Interior: An Adventure Guide from Central Alaska,” by Kyle Joly.

Whether you’re an Alaskan or just visiting the Interior, this is your essential guide for outdoor adventure. People of all abilities will find 59 great hikes, bikes, skis, and strolls that originate from the road system. Each route description includes:

  • a full-color map with round-trip distance
  • estimated duration and difficulty
  • highest elevation
  • best season to go
  • directions to the access point
  • things to watch out for
  • and much more

The second edition includes new trips to Tanana Lakes, Mastadon and Nugget Creek trails, and Coal Mine Road, as well as updated information.

For more information about this title and many more, please visit or call 800-621-2736.

Essays and stories explore Alaskans and their salmon

made-of-salmon-mcThe University of Alaska Press has released “Made of Salmon: Alaska Stories from The Salmon Project,” edited by Nancy Lord.

Made of Salmon” brings together more than 50 diverse Alaska voices to celebrate the fish that holds a central place in the lives, cultures and values of those who depend on salmon for food, livelihood, recreation and a sense of community. The longer works by some of Alaska’s finest writers thoughtfully and artfully explore the significance of salmon in the lives of Alaskans. Shorter, more anecdotal works add their writers’ own “salmon love” to the mix. Photographer Clark James Mishler visually captures Alaskans fishing for, catching, preserving and eating salmon from Southeast to Bristol Bay and points between and beyond.

Authors include Ilarion “Larry” Merculieff, Leslie Leyland Fields, Bella Hammond, Seth Kantner, Charles Wohlforth, Charlie Campbell, Richard Chiappone, Dan O’Neill, Don Rearden, Julia O’Malley, Ernestine Hayes, Debby Dahl Edwardson, Lynn Schooler, Verner Stor Wilson III, Michael Raudzis Dinkel, Sara Loewen, Heather Lende, Carol Sturgulewski, Kirsten Dixon, Hank Lentfer, William L. Iggiagruk Hensley and Nancy Lord (editor).

For more information about this title and many more please visit or call 800-621-2736.

UAF100 — Celebrating a century

In 2017 UAF will celebrate 100 years as Alaska’s flagship university, a century of teaching, research and service built on the grit and determination of our founders. UAF’s centennial celebrations will begin Dec. 31, 2016, with the New Year’s Eve Sparktacular event and continue throughout 2017. Read about UAF’s centennial plans and how departments and individuals can participate, and download a toolkit at

Chartwells releases food service focus group results

Chartwells, the company that provides food service at UAF, has released a summary of the results from the On-site Insights focus groups it held earlier this spring.

The top 10 comments, along with responses, are listed in a chart available here.

The Chartwells organization thanked all the students, faculty and staff who participated in the focus groups.

“We want to ensure that our quality and service levels continue to exceed your expectations,” the company said. “Your input will prove invaluable to the continuous improvements of your dining offerings.”