Chris Arp (yellow and black) and Ben Jones (gray vest) drill into the ice of a shallow lake on Alaska's North Slope.

New research conducted by scientists at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, the U.S. Geological Survey, the University of Wyoming and other institutes shows that permafrost below shallow Arctic lakes is thawing as a result of changing winter climate.

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The giant wave of Icy Bay

A landslide last fall caused a giant wave of the type not seen in Alaska since the storied 1958 event in Lituya Bay. After a period of heavy rains, a mountainside near Tyndall Glacier collapsed into a fiord of Icy Bay on Oct. 17, 2015.

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Broken ice causes the worst spring breakup floods

For half the year, Alaska’s big rivers provide a somewhat flat surface, allowing travel by snowmachine, dog team, ski, bike, snowshoe and foot. For a few weeks during their spring transition to liquid water, those useful ribbons of ice become a threat to river communities.

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