RT @UAFGRAD: Go Dr. Brewer!

(UAF Summer graduate of the PhD Marine Biology program.) https://t.co/5CSzx4wjnV
RT @BradJoyal: Tonight I'll have men's basketball updates from the UAF Patty Center. The Alaska Nanooks host Central Washington at 7 p.m.
University of Alaska Fairbanks “With relentless optimism we can make progressive changes to help start mitigating and adapting to climate change.” #UAF100 #NaturallyInspiring
Cool neck vertebra! From a 70 million- year-old elasmosaur, the first one found in Alaska. Curator Pat Druckenmiller updated us on recent AK dino (and ancient marine reptile) discoveries. #ancientalaska #fossil #research #nanooknation #alaskamuseum #extinct
This signature is 150 years old! From the painting "Signing of the Alaska Treaty" -- at the @alaskamuseum for a limited time to commemorate the state's sesquicentennial #ak150 #uaf100 #nanooknation
The UAF CTC paramedic team at a national EMS competition in Salt Lake city yesterday. The only student team out of 20+ professional teams from around the country and placed above half the teams in the preliminaries. #successdiscovered #uafairbanks #nanooknation ...
Punderful Twitter accounts from HVAC workers in Facilities Services. 
Timeline Photos This year's UAF College of Engineering and Mines ice arch during last night's snowfall. #UAF100
The 2017 Museum Discovery Series premiers today at @alaskamuseum Curator Pat Druckenmiller is talking about AK Dinos #nanooknation #dinosaurs #ancientalaska
RT @AlaskaSeaGrant: What were you doing in 1977? "Long-term" really does describe the work of @uafairbanks @UAFcfos prof. Tony Gharrett htt…
RT @davidwyoken: @Taideakatemia w/ Amy Vinlove @uafairbanks, USA here @Ilisimatusarfik / U. Greenland, Kalaallit Nunaat / Greenland. Proud2…
RT @UAFHVAC: We installed a new bathroom fan here at the shop today. It was an exhausting project. #hvacjokes #gofixsomething
RT @IARC_Alaska: Student interested in fieldwork in wilderness tundra regions and permafrost analysis? Apply to join the IARC team: https:/…
Poker Flat Research Range in February 2017. This is the launch of a rocket for the ISINGLASS mission with a principal...
Come visit #nanooktraditions at the Club Fair! Wood center until 2 pm! We have popcorn and root beer floats!
Alaska Nanooks "Sophomore Cassidy Heaton will be the lone representative for the Nanooks, competing in the 1,000-yard freestyle distance race at the championships, which will take place Mar. 8-11 at the Crossplex Complex in Birmingham, Alabama." #UAF100 #NanookNation
RELEASE | @NanooksSwim's Heaton ...
Hot Times in Cold Places: Permafrost During Climate Change Katey Walter Anthony in Fairbanks! Hear this accomplished scientist talk about her work tomorrow. #UAF100 #NanookNation

See more about Anthoy's work on her ResearchGate page. https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Katey_Walter_Anthony
A great talk tomorrow morning at UAF. Katey Walter Anthony will present "Permafrost
thaw ...
Alaska Climate Science Center graduate fellow Joanna Young and 75 other women traveled in December to a place visited by few...
On the Jarvis #Glacier. More about the work by Institute of Northern #Engineering scientists on the glacier: https://t.co/s5FES7UDsq #UAF100 https://t.co/PJWuLLYkBb
UAF eLearning & Distance Education Science of Smell, Advanced Digital Photography, Gender & Human Trafficking... take a good look at the summer course list and build your perfect schedule: https://elearning.uaf.edu/courses/
University of Alaska Fairbanks shared UAF eLearning & Distance Education's post.
UAF Biomedical Learning and Student Training - BLaST UAF Biomedical Learning and Student Training - BLaST poster presentation at a American College of Sports Medicine Northwest Annual Meeting. #UAF100 #NanookNation
BLaST URE Rebecca Gever, together with her graduate student mentor Scott Jerome and recently-graduated URE Hannah Short, presented ...
Earl Pilgrim "[Earl] Pilgrim first came to Alaska as a college student in the summer of 1915 to work for the Treadwell Mines in Juneau. While studying at the University of Washington, Pilgrim invented a method of recycling silver from used film ...
Flying to a field camp near Nabesna Glacier. 
Launch of a sounding rocket as part of a mission named ISINGLASS. Kristina Lynch is based at Dartmouth college and is studying...
Take off! Last night's #rocket launch from Poker Flat Research Range. The rocket #payload will help scientists study the connection between #solarwinds and Earth's atmosphere. Photo by official student photographer @zaynroohi. #uaf100 #naturallyinspiring
Krauss lecture is latest splash for UAF physics club The University of Alaska Fairbanks Society of Physics Students has made a habit of exceeding expectations.
#november moon setting behind the Elvey Building. #latergram #uaf100 #naturallyinspiring
#skijoring on the Fairbanks campus last weekend. #naturallyinspiring
RT @joshdryer: One heck of a game by @NanooksHockey! Way to close out the 2016/2017 home season. Keep on goin to the playoffs! #nanooknation
Tap on over to @nanooknation. It's a shared account with new admins each week. Currently the dean of @uafcla @t0ddsh3rm is posting content. The next admin takes over on Friday. #uaf100 #nanooknation #clais #naturallyinspiring
UAF - 2017 - Blue and Gold Gala Philanthropists of the Century The recipients of this award are individuals who have dedicated their time and resources to UAF at an exceptional level. Their support has advanced our mission, enabled student success and shaped our university. Through their leadership, cumulative philanthropic support, longevity ...
UAF - 2017 - Blue and Gold Gala Emil Usibelli Awards The Emil Usibelli Distinguished Teaching, Research and Service Awards, established in 1992, are named in honor of Alaska pioneer Emil Usibelli, who established the Usibelli Coal Mine, a major contributor to the energy needs of Alaska and the company which ...
This year's ice #arch being set in place today. The shape is a #catenarycurve. Building an ice arch is a long standing tradition within the College of #engineering and Mines. #uaf100 #architecture #nanooknation
UAF - 2017 - Blue and Gold Gala The Blue and Gold Gala, which was held Feb. 11 at the Carlson Center.

The centennial celebration recognized distinguished faculty, alumni, friends and supporters. Recipients of the Emil Usibelli Distinguished Teaching, Research and Service Awards, respectively, were Mary Ehrlander, David ...
Summer field season starts in a few months. Here are #geoscientists at work in @denalinps during 2016. #naturallyinspiring #uaf100 #fieldwork #stem
The team returns to Juneau #uaf #nanooktraditions #coalition
We did it. I am happy to call these crazy musicians my colleagues in the 40 Below Club. 😂🙈😱❄️☃️ •

#musicians #alaska #getoutside #potd #instadaily #universityofalaskafairbanks #naturallyinspiring #40belowclub #nanooktraditions
Joined the #40belowclub with @ssshep2! Repping #nanooktraditions @uafsao @uaf.live and #nanooknation! #dedicatedtoourjobs #diditforthelikes
Rod Boertje is one o Rod Boertje is one of a few scientists who have done field work in Alaska on the coldest days of winter.
Want a pair of tech friendly gloves from #nanooktraditions? Tell us what events you want to see! We've ordered movies, booked an awesome comedian, and so much more! But we want to hear from you!
Quick Recipe: Creamy Quick Recipe: Creamy Lemon Pasta with Spinach & Peas
How to Make Crispy, How to Make Crispy, Cheesy Quesadillas on the Stove Top
Dorm Room Ideas: Rea Dorm Room Ideas: Really Good Wall Art for Under $50 | Apartment Therapy
Vika is helping peop Vika is helping people move into their dorms this morning. #NanookNation
Oliver's #Kryptonics Oliver's #Kryptonics board resurfaced with Rustoleum. It's a chalkboard surface now.
Lydia's late fall #O Lydia's late fall #OOTD #autumn #collegeclothes
Infographic- Google Infographic- Google Glass In Education - Getting Smart by Getting Smart Staff - EdTech, edtechchat, Google, google glass, infographic
Dixie is a 10 week o Dixie is a 10 week old cocker #spaniel/#pomeranian mix #puppy
Getting rid of Black Getting rid of Blackheads with fine salt and soda. Take gel facial wash, mix with tablespoon of baking soda and tablespoon of salt. Apply to damp skin with cotton pad, leave for 5 mins.

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