Teachers from Chukchi Campus to Appear on Statewide Television Program This Friday

Submitted by Carla Browning
Phone: (907) 474-7778


Two long-time University of Alaska professors and journalists from Kotzebue are scheduled to appear this Friday evening on "Consider This," a weekly PBS program hosted by Rhonda McBride. The interview will focus on rural Alaska education.

"Consider This" is scheduled to air Friday, February 14, at 9 p.m. on the Alaska Rural Communications System (ARCS). In Kotzebue, that's Channel 9.

Professors Susan Andrews and John Creed have taught in the humanities at the University of Alaska's Chukchi Campus in Kotzebue since the late 1980s. In January, they published a cover story about teacher retention in rural Alaska for the Anchorage Press, a weekly newspaper with wide circulation in southcentral Alaska. Along with other media outlets, the article caught the attention of McBride, whose "Consider This" program follows a Charlie Rose-style format and is filmed at KAKM, Anchorage's public television station.

"Our goal is to encourage thoughtful conversation," says McBride.

On the program Andrews and Creed talk about rural education along with their award-winning student anthology, Authentic Alaska: Voices of Its Native Writers.

The program also will air on KAKM-TV in the Anchorage area sometime in April, McBride said.

For more information: (907) 442-3400 (Chukchi Campus, Kotzebue)