UAF Weekly Science Calendar, Nov. 10 - 14

Submitted by Center for Global Change
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7 p.m. - Schaible Auditorium, Bunnell Building
Free Public Lecture on the U.S.'s Role in Nuclear Non-Proliferation, sponsored by No Nukes North
A Journey from Los Alamos to Nagasaki
John Eichelberger, Department of Geology and Geophysics and the Geophysical Institute
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10-11 a.m. - 401 IARC
Office of Sponsored Programs - Proposal Office
Proposal Administrators and Coordinators Meeting
Topics will include new staff, unit assignments, space requirements, upcoming training sessions, and some reminders to help solve recurring issues.
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Noon - 204 Butrovich Building
ARSC Faculty Seminar Series
Oceanographic Modeling
Kate Hedstrom, Arctic Region Supercomputing Center
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1:30 p.m. - 401 IARC
Atmospheric Science Informal Seminar
Climatology of Extreme Weather Events
Martha Shulski, Alaska Climate Center, UAF
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1:30 p.m. - Elvey Auditorium, 214 Elvey Building
Geophysical Institute Seminar
High Frequency Variations in the Past Strength (Paleointensity) of the Earth's Magnetic Field: Geomagnetic, Stratigraphic, Cosmogenic and Possibly Climatic Implications
Joseph Stoner, INSTAAR, University of Colorado at Boulder
A reception follows at 2:45 in the Globe Room.
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7 p.m. - UA Museum
Free Museum Lecture, Co-sponsored by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game
Wildfire in Interior Alaska
Dale Haggstrom, Fire Habitat Management Coordinator, Alaska Department of Fish and Game
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2 p.m. - 232 Duckering Building
Thesis Defense, Electrical & Computer Engineering Department
A Sounding Rocket Attitude Determination Algorithm Suitable for Implementation Using Low Cost Sensors
Mark Charlton, Ph.D. candidate in Electrical/Aerospace Engineering
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2 p.m. - 417 IARC
Special Seminar
Measurement of Atmospheric NO3 and N2O5 by Laser-induced Fluorescence Techniques
Jun Matsumoto, Tokyo Metropolitan University
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3:30 p.m. - Elvey Auditorium, 214 Elvey Building
Life Sciences Seminar Series
Sponsored by the Institute of Arctic Biology and the Department of Biology & Wildlife
Translation Initiation in Yeast: Biochemical Systems for Studying the Roles of eIF3 and eIF4F
David Freistroffer, University of Alaska Anchorage
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3:30 p.m. - 201 Natural Sciences Facility
Department of Geology and Geophysics Seminar
High Latitude Paleo-and-Environmental Magnetism: Initial Results from Ellesmere Island, Iceland/E. Greenland and Gulf of Alaska Sediments
Joseph Stoner, INSTAAR, University of Colorado at Boulder
For more information call 474-7565 or e-mail

3:30 p.m. - 304 Eielson Building
Anthropology Colloquium Series
Sponsored by the Anthropology Department with funding by the National Science Foundation through ARCUS
...Different Day: A Culture History of Hydaburg
Kirk Dombrowski, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNY
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3:45 p.m. - Globe Room, Geophysical Institute
Department of Physics Journal Club
Weekly informal presentation.
For more information see or call 474-7339.