Usibelli award-winners/emeriti honored

Submitted by Hild Peters
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Monday, May 3 at 4 p.m., following the Faculty Senate meeting, in Wood Center Conference Rooms C & D, the chancellor, provost and outgoing Faculty Senate president will be presenting the awards to the Usibelli recipients and recognizing all Emeriti recipients for their contribution and years of service to UAF. Additionally, special persons will be recognized by the senate.

Usibelli Recipients are:
Teaching: Ed Husted, Associate Professor of Paralegal Studies, CRA-TVC
Research: Stephen C. Jewett, Research Professor, SFOS-IMS
Service: Kade Mendelowitz, Associate Professor, Theatre, CLA

Emeriti Recipients are:

Dr. D.A. Bartlett CLA Assistant Professor of English, Emerita
Dr. Susan Blalock CLA Associate Professor of English, Emerita
Dr. R. Terry Bowyer CSEM Professor of Wildlife Ecology, Emeritus
Dr. Donald E. Carling SNRAS Professor of Horticulture, Emeritus
Mr. Jim R. Douglas CRA-CES Professor of Extension, Emeritus
Dr. Marshall L. Lind Chancellor of UAF, Emeritus
Dr. Sathy Naidu SFOS Professor of Marine Science, Emeritus
Dr. Colin Read SOM Professor of Economics
Dr. Glenn Shaw CSEM Professor of Physics
Mr. Frank Soos CLA Professor of Creative Writing, Emeritus
Mr. Dennis Stephens CLA Associate Professor of Library Science, Emeritus
Dr. Walter Tape CSEM Professor of Mathematics, Emeritus
Dr. Peggy Wood CRA Director, Bristol Bay Campus, Emerita