Weekly Science Calendar

Submitted by Center for Global Change
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Tuesday, Oct. 24

1-2 p.m. - 201 Irving I
Biobites--Biology Graduate Student Association seminar
Athletic Traits in Alaskan Sled Dogs: Epidemiologic Study Design, Proteomics, and Data Analysis
Heather Huson, graduate student in Biology & Wildlife
Information: James Stone

2 p.m. - Elvey Auditorium, 214 Elvey Building
School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences thesis defense
Estimating 13C and 15N Turnover Rates in the Arctic Amphipod Onisimus litoralis: Implications for Analyzing the Transfer of Sea Ice Production to Higher Trophic Levels using Stable Isotopes
Mette Nielson, M.S. candidate
Information: Mette Nielson

4 p.m. - 201 Natural Sciences Facility
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry seminar
Modeling the Ion Distribution of Interfaces: Inclusion of Interfacial Structure
Raena Rowland, graduate student
Information: Clara Deal, 474-1875 or UAF Chemistry Department

Wednesday, Oct. 25

3:30 p.m. - Elvey Auditorium, 214 Elvey Building
Institute of Marine Science seminar
An Examination of Habitat Structural Complexity and Fish Distribution in Nearshore Waters of Kachemak Bay, Alaska
Joel Markis, graduate program in marine science and limnology
Information: Natalie Monacci, John Kelley or http://www.sfos.uaf.edu/events/

Friday, Oct. 27

3:30 p.m. - Elvey Auditorium, 214 Elvey Building
Life Sciences Seminar Series, sponsored by the Institute of Arctic Biology and the Department of Biology and Wildlife
Stress Physiology Links Climate Variability and Population Processes in Seabirds
Alexander (Sasha) Kitaysky, Institute of Arctic Biology, UAF
Information: http://www.iab.uaf.edu/events/events.php or 474-7640

3:30 p.m. - 201 Natural Sciences Facility
Department of Geology and Geophysics seminar
Ripples in the Pond: The Myriad Uses of Seismic Wave Animations
Mike Thorne, Arctic Region Supercomputing Center Postdoctoral Fellow, Geophysical Institute, UAF
Information: 474-7565

3:30 p.m. - 531 Duckering Building
Water and Environmental Research Center seminar
Integrating Snow Cover into the HBV Hydrologic Model for the Kuparuk Basin
Erin Trochim, Interdisciplinary graduate student in Hydrology
Information: Doug Kane

3:45 p.m. - Globe Room, 215 Elvey Building
Department of Physics Journal Club
Check http://ffden-2.phys.uaf.edu/journal_club.htm or call 474-7339 to see if there's a presentation scheduled for this week and to confirm the location.