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UAF Fall Convocation: In Step with Alaska's Future

Submitted by Carla Browning
Phone: (907) 474-7778


University of Alaska Fairbanks Chancellor Marshall Lind will welcome faculty, staff and students back to the beginning of a new academic year at a fall convocation Tuesday, Sept. 10 at 1 p.m. This year's convocation, "In Step with Alaska's Future," will take place in the Schaible Auditorium.

Lind plans to discuss UAF's programmatic strengths and progress made by the institution in the past two years as well as plans for the future.

"We've identified programs that are ripe for development and are taking action to distinguish them as world-class," said Lind. "We've met significant challenges over the past couple of years and we're setting a new pace. Our enrollment is up, research dollars continue to rise, and our programs are expanding to meet the state's needs. Now we just need to find the space to put everyone. We've come a long way and I'm pleased that we're making progress toward our goals."

The convocation is open to students, staff, faculty, alumni and the public. Rural sites can participate via audio conference or webcast at www.uaf.edu/news/webcasts.html. UAF Dining Services will host an ice cream social prior to the event.

CONTACT: Carla Browning, UAF Public Information Officer at (907) 474-7778 or e-mail: carla.browning@uaf.edu.

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