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Engineering Activities Finish with UAF Open House

Submitted by Kasey Gillam
Phone: (907) 474-7581


University of Alaska Fairbanks engineering students and professors will end a week long celebration of the engineering profession with an open house from 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 22, 2003 on UAF's Fairbanks campus. The open house will include demonstrations of the latest engineering technology as well as interactive activities for people of all ages, including laboratory experiments, hydraulics, earthquakes, fluids, rockets and materials testing. There will be displays from the civil, environmental, electrical, mechanical, petroleum and mining engineering programs as well as presentations of engineering in the last century.

"It's a terrific opportunity to find out what it takes to be an engineer," said Silke Schiewer, faculty coordinator. "It's not just a knowledge of mathematics. It also takes creativity, a knowledge of technology and working communally with other engineers from all disciplines."

UAF's engineering program has been dedicated to educating engineers since 1922 and has been accredited by the Engineers' Council for Professional Development since 1940. There are seven engineering programs offered at the campus with civil engineering being the oldest.

UAF senior Mike Lund will lead a team to construct this year's ice arch, a 50-year tradition at UAF. The plan is to create an arch measuring 72 feet in length and 15 feet high. It will take more than 13,000 pounds of ice and many hours to complete the solid ice structure.

National Engineers Week is an annual event to increase public awareness and appreciation of engineers and their work. The theme, "Turning Ideas into Reality," is especially true in Alaska where engineers must have the knowledge and experience in order to handle extreme weather conditions.

"Engineers are the builders of our society," said Sukumar Bandopadhyay, dean of UAF's School of Mineral Engineering. "They do it not only for economic gain, but with a high regard for the protection of the public safety and health and the betterment of our society."

Gov. Frank Murkowski signed an executive proclamation declaring Feb. 16 - 22 engineering week in Alaska.

The Taku parking lot near Farmer's Loop Road is closest to the Duckering Building, the site for this year's open house.

CONTACT: Silke Schiewer, assistant professor of environmental engineering (907) 474-2620, or Josh Craft at (907) 388-2615.

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