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Something for Everyone at UAF Summer Sessions

Submitted by Eric Muehling
Phone: 907-474-7021


Stock Market Tips From Teens

Pssssssst. Would you like to hear a hot stock market tip -- from a teenager? This summer middle school and high school students came to UAF to learn how to pick stocks and make investment decisions. Move on over high-paid stock brokers -- you have new competition.

Two courses in basic online investing were taught during UAF Summer Sessions by Joseph Hines of the UAF School of Management. One course was for middle school students, the other for high school students.

Young students learned basic financial and business concepts, different types of investing and why investing is important. Students learned how to use the Internet to conduct research on stocks and how to use this information to make investment decisions. Students participated in a virtual stock exchange.

Interview Idea

Reporters -- Are you interested in an interview with two or three young investors and the teacher who taught this class? Contact UAF Summer Sessions to request an interview with young students (please keep in mind Summer Sessions must first get parental approval before releasing a minor's name).

These courses were held earlier this summer.
BA F049 - F01 Basic Online Investing for Middle School Students
BA F195 - F01 Online Investing for High School Students

Weekend Courses Fit Into a Busy Summer Schedule

Imagine a class where hiking boots and a compass are as important as pen and notepad. Where Alaska's outdoors is your 365-million-acre classroom and you bring a camera to class.

For the first time, UAF Summer Sessions offers courses with a Weekend Focus. These short courses are designed to fit into a busy summer schedule. Many are taught outdoors.

Field work takes on a whole new meaning in Alaska's great outdoors. In this wilderness classroom you'll need a backpack and tent to study the Gulkana glacier. And just to be sure you don't get lost, take a class in map reading and orienteering.

Course descriptions are on the UAF Summer Sessions website www.uaf.edu/summer .

Weekend Focus courses still available this summer (in chronological order):

* GEOS F295P -- F01 Introduction to Field Methods in Glaciology (June 18-23). Study glaciers and climate. Get up-close and personal with the Gulkana glacier. Bring a tent. ,
* NRM F482 -- F01 Why Do Boreal Forests Matter? (June 27-29). For anyone seeking an understanding of boreal forests. Includes local area field trip.
* MILS F113 -- F01 Map Reading and Orienteering: Navigation in an Arctic Environment (July 9-13). Don't get lost. Compass and map reading with field exercises.
* ENGL F395 -- F01 Being in the World: Writing Nature, Writing Ourselves (July 18-20). Nature writing, or ecoliterature, is the focus. Write and share personal essays.
* ART F495/ F695 -- F01 Landscape Painting Under the Midnight Sun (July 24-27). Immerse yourself in painting landscape under the unique light of the Interior.
* BIOL/ NRM F195P -- F03 Introduction to Macro and Micro Mushroom Identification (August 1-3). Experience an entirely new way of seeing mushrooms in the wild.
* JRN F195P -- F01 Beginning Web Design (August 8-10). How to begin creating website projects for business, education, and art.

11-18 Year-Olds Take Summer Courses at UAF

While many teenagers look forward to a summer free from teachers and books, others as young as 14 years old are taking university courses in calculus, chemistry, computer programming, foreign languages and other subjects.

This summer more than 250 students from 11 to 18 years old* are taking courses offered by UAF Summer Sessions. High school students study side-by-side with college students. Others take courses designed for middle school students.

Young students can register for UAF classes without applying for admission, provided, of course, they meet any course prerequisites and have permission of the instructor.

High school students may be able to earn college credit that counts towards their high school graduation requirements. This dual enrollment allows high school students to earn both high school and college credit at the same time, and get a jump-start on college studies or a vocational career.

Courses are offered May 27 - Aug. 15 through the UAF Office of Summer Sessions.

2003 Summer Facts

* Summer courses are offered from May 27 Aug. 15
* Most summer classes are three, six or 12 weeks long * Field school and weekend courses are offered
* Admission to UAF is generally not required to take classes
* Summer enrollment all students: more than 2,000
* Summer enrollment ages 11-18: about 250
* Summer courses offered: more than 300
* Number of instructors: more than 200

* Note: The age of 18 was used as the upper limit for this media release because at this age students are generally in high school. A list of about 60 UAF Summer Sessions courses in which young students are enrolled is available on request. Contact UAF Summer Sessions to request an interview with a young student (please keep in mind Summer Sessions must first get parental approval before releasing a minor's name).

CONTACT: Eric Muehling at 907-474-7021, e-mail eric.muehling@uaf.edu , or visit the Office of Summer Sessions website at www.uaf.edu/summer for more information.

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