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Northwest Regional meeting of the American Chemical Society

Submitted by Marlys Schneider
Phone: (907) 474-6287


The 60th Northwest Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society will be held in Fairbanks June 15-18 at the Westmark Hotel and Conference Center in Fairbanks, Alaska.

The program includes presentations on persistent organic pollutants in cold climates, analytical programs to address contaminant concerns, homeland security applications of environmental sensors, small chemical businesses and natural resources chemistry. Other sessions will cover the fields of organic and biochemistry, chemical education, and physical and inorganic chemistry. There will also be a one-day workshop for high school chemistry teachers.

This meeting is co-hosted by the Alaska section and the small chemical businesses division of ACS. The goal of the regional meeting is to bring together chemists from industry, business, government and academia to exchange information and ideas as well as build bridges among disparate groups. The SCHB symposium will provide a forum for business and industrial chemists to exchange stories of problems solved, challenges conquered and cautionary tales in small business settings.

The meeting is sponsored in part by the American Chemical Society, the University of Alaska Fairbanks, Conoco-Phillips and Cook Inlet Regional Corporation.

Contact: Marlys Schneider at (907) 474-6287 or visit http://www.norm-schb-2005.org.

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