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UAF geology student finds dinosaur track

Submitted by Carla Browning
Phone: (907) 474-7778


Three-toed theropod track. UAF geology student Susi Tomsich found what is believed to be a three-toed theropod track at Denali National Park near Igloo Campground about 35 miles west of the park entrance on June 25. A theropod is a meat-eating dinosaur thought to have roamed parts of Alaska around 70 million years ago.

Tomish, along with fellow student, Jeremiah Drewel and geology professor Paul McCarthy, were mapping sedimentary rock as part of a field geology class at the time of the find.

The dinosaur track found in rocks called the Cantwell Formation is the first evidence of dinosaurs found in Denali National Park and Preserve.

Read more at www.adn.com/front/story/6682481p-6569151c.html

Contact: Paul McCarthy, UAF Geology Department at (907) 474-6894 or e-mail ffpjm@uaf.edu for more information.

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