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Students warm up in cool new ride

Submitted by Martin Klein
Phone: (907) 474-1599


The Nanook shows off a pair of new shuttle busses.

Local temperatures are expected to remain well below zero for the next few days, but University of Alaska Fairbanks students will be traveling around campus in cozy comfort.

UAF Transportation and Parking Services has purchased five new buses to shuttle people around the Fairbanks campus. The buses feature ADA accessible ramps, bike racks and warmer heaters.

According to Martin Klein, associate director of Transportation and Parking Services, the previous shuttles were more than 10 years old and, after years of running continuously throughout the academic year, their engines had logged nearly 300,000 miles of use.

"It was time to replace the worn out fleet," said Klein. "The new shuttles should have a useful life of seven to 10 years."

The campus shuttle service provides more than 300,000 rides each year throughout campus and surrounding UAF buildings. Funding for shuttle operations comes from parking revenues and transportation fees and is available for use by all students, faculty, staff and visitors.

For more information about transportation and Parking at UAF visit the website at www.uaf.edu/fs/ParkingServices.html