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UAF in the news: Week of Sept. 11, 2006

Submitted by Marmian Grimes
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UAF researcher finds new species of Alaska arachnid
Anchorage Daily News
SOLDOTNA -- Don't let the short legs fool you: Alaska's newest eight-legged discovery is a daddy longlegs.
Read more ...

Destructive Insects on Rise in Alaska
Washington Post and more than 50 other publications
FAIRBANKS, Alaska -- Destructive insects in unprecedented numbers are finding Alaska forests to be a congenial home, said University of Alaska forestry professor Glenn Juday, and climate change could be the welcome mat. Read more ...

Methane bubbles climate trouble
BBC News and multiple other publications and Web sites
Thawing Siberian bogs are releasing more of the greenhouse gas methane than previously believed, according to new scientific research.
Scientists from Russia and the US measured methane bubbling from a number of thawing lakes. Read more ...

Native will hitch dogs to sled in Iditarod race
Ferguson Falls Journal
Some folks hitch their wagon to a star. Jeff Wells is hitching his dog sled to a team of huskies and heading for the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race Read more ...

Heed lessons from 1960s island wolves
Anchorage Daily News
The killing of wolves to boost moose and caribou populations in Alaska has made headlines all over the country. Back in 1960, a government program to stock an Alaska island with wolves received less attention. Read more ...

The Mystery of the Missing $40,000 Doorstop
""Wanted: a 40-pound chunk of Alaska's largest meteorite. May currently be employed as your doorstop. Call University of Alaska Museum." Read more ...

Researchers gather for Arctic symposium
Sun Star
Norwegian and U.S. scientists and officials focused on celebrating the life of the famous Norwegian explorer Helge Instad by exploring what is coming in the Arctic's future at a weekend symposium. Read more ...

Researchers study money-making flowers
Sun Star
Sweet smells, pastel colors and long stems have proven to be the best hope for making money out of Alaska's gardens, UAF researchers say. Read more ...

Globetrotting birds back
Manawatu Standard
Normally, there would be an uproar at news that 20 or so Americans had snapped up a desirable piece of shorefront property and scores more were expected to move in soon. Read more ...

Author to focus on gender gap at West Valley lecture tonight
Fairbanks Daily News-Miner
Best-selling author Michael Gurian, who penned “The Wonder of Boys,” will be speaking tonight at West Valley High School. Gurian will be presenting information on some of the ways that boys and girls learn differently and what parents and teachers can do to meet the educational needs of boys. Read more ...

Scientists ponder climate changes of Alaska, Norway
Fairbanks Daily News-Miner
Flanked by U.S. and Norwegian flags, Ann Ringstad, associate vice chancellor at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, touted the many similarities Friday between Alaska and Norway: They both have amazing displays of the aurora borealis, they both have major fisheries programs, they both claim Santa Claus as a resident. Read more ...

Art museum reflects Alaska's wild side
Deseret News
FAIRBANKS, Alaska — The museum on the hill looks like breaching whales. Or maybe the swooping white walls bring to mind shimmering northern lights. Or ships passing. Or the Earth's great tectonic plates shoved up and over one another. Read more ...