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UAF in the news: Week of Oct. 2, 2006

Submitted by Marmian Grimes
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Artists look to science for inspiration
Fairbanks Daily News-Miner
The common assumption that art and science are like oil and water is being challenged by Alaska artists inspired by science. Read more ...

UAF grad honored for service to community
Fairbanks Daily News-Miner
Jyotsna "Jo" Heckman was named this year's distinguished alumna on Friday by the University of Alaska Fairbanks Alumni Association. Read more ...

Alaskana: Opening doors to rural education
Anchorage Daily News
ANGAYUQAQ O. KAWAGLEY During my first three grades, I went to the BIA school. The older Native boys got into trouble. To survive and succeed, I became a conformist to the extent I could allow. Read more ...

Warm water surging into Arctic Ocean
People and Planet and CBC News
Surges of warm water from the North Atlantic Ocean are flowing into the Arctic Ocean and could accelerate the melting of Arctic sea ice, according to scientists at the International Arctic Research Center (IARC). The influx of warmer water is increasing, the researchers warn, and is moving toward Alaska and the Canadian Basin. Read more ...

'Winter Shorts' offer ideal antidote to boredom
Fairbanks Daily News-Miner
Everybody needs a change once in a while. Though it is easy to find comfort in the familiar, common sense dictates that consuming a variety of entertainment is essential to fending off boredom, the "scurvy of the soul. Read more ...

Salmon nose deep into Alaska ecosystems
Alaska Report
During a good year in Bristol Bay, a surge of more than 100 million pounds of sockeye salmon fights its way upstream, spawns, and dies. In Bristol Bay and elsewhere in Alaska, this incredible pulse of salmon carcasses enriches streams and rivers and makes young salmon hardier. Read more ...

Alaska study offers strategies to mitigate climate warming
Using Interior Alaska's boreal forests as a case study, a team of scientists led by University of Alaska Fairbanks ecologist F. Stuart (Terry) Chapin III recently offered four policy strategies for sustaining people and the environment as both face a dramatically warming climate. Read more ...

Nearly $2 million granted to Geophysical Institute for tsunami education
Alaska is no stranger to the devastating effects of tsunamis. The state has experienced 37 since the 1800s, three of which are known around the world for the amount of destruction they caused: the 1964 Alaska Tsunami, the 1958 Lituya Bay Tsunami and the 1946 Aleutian Tsunami. Read more ...

Alaskan volcano threatens to erupt
Fox News and multiple other online sources
ANCHORAGE, Alaska""Vents on Alaska's Fourpeaked Mountain have been spewing volcanic gases and experts at the Alaska Volcano Observatory say an eruption is possible. Read more ...

Arctic Health building to get renovated
Sun Star
UAF is gearing up for a $5.7 million renovation to the Arctic Health Research Building after years of deferred maintenance and fire code violations. Read more ...

A grand vision
Salt Lake Tribune
FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The museum on the hill looks like breaching whales. Or maybe the swooping white walls bring to mind shimmering northern lights. Or ships passing. Or the Earth's great tectonic plates shoved up and over one another. Read more ...