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Ice arch withstanding warmer temperatures

Submitted by Carla Browning
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Photo by Todd Paris, UAF Marketing and Communications
UAF students Simon Mongold, Jake Horazdovsky and Don Gillie stand next to the 2008 ice arch moments after removing all the lumber supporting the structure. The arch will stand in front of the Rasmuson Library on the Fairbanks campus until melting makes it unstable.

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University of Alaska Fairbanks engineering students have raised this year's campus ice arch outside the Rasmuson Library.

Building the ice arch is an annual springtime project at UAF. This year's design was inspired by the now demolished King Dome in Seattle and was dependent on the temperatures staying below ten degrees in order for the water to freeze. The five-member team built wooden forms then sprayed it in place.

Cold temperatures delayed the construction for a few days, and now that the 20-foot structure has withstood warmer temperatures this week, student engineers are hopeful the structure will remain through the weekend for the annual engineering open house.

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