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KUAC educates Alaskans about the benefits of the digital TV

Submitted by Tammy Tragis
Phone: 907-474-1890


KUAC TV will hold a brown bag seminar, "DTV: Experience the Benefits" Wednesday, April 2 from 12:10 to 1 p.m. for Interior Alaskans to learn about the digital television transition set to take effect Feb. 17, 2009. This event will be held at the Fairbanks North Star Borough Noel Wien Library located at 1215 Cowles Street.

"We are thrilled to partner with the Noel Wien Library and National Telecommunications and Information Administration to present this seminar," says KUAC/AlaskaOne general manager and CEO Greg Petrowich. "The digital TV transition will allow KUAC/AlaskaOne to meet even more of the Alaska community's needs through enhanced television service and we want to make sure the viewing public is prepared to make an informed decision."

After Feb. 17, 2009, all full-powered television stations will begin broadcasting exclusively in digital. Digital television is a more effective technology, which translates into benefits for television viewers including:

" Better picture and sound quality: Most viewers will see improved clarity and color
" Additional channels/multicasting: TV stations will be able to provide several channels of programming at once. These channels will be available at no additional cost.
" Additional services: Additional data services, such as potential delivery of Internet Protocol data, not possible in analog will now be available.
" Improved emergency communications: With the change from analog to digital, portions of the analog TV airwaves will be made available to local emergency responders such as local firefighters, police and 9-1-1 dispatchers.

KUAC's "DTV: Experience the Benefits" seminar will provide the public an opportunity to learn more about their options for navigating the digital TV transition. Consumers' options include purchasing a converter box for an existing analog TV set; buying a TV with a digital tuner; or connecting the TV to cable, satellite or other pay service.

To assist U.S. households who choose to buy a converter box, the National Telecommunications and Information Administration is implementing the TV Converter Box Coupon Program. All U.S. households are able to request up to two $40 coupons to help pay for the cost of the certified TV converter boxes. Consumers with an analog TV can purchase a converter box and connect it today to begin experiencing the benefits of a clearer picture and additional programming. To request a coupon, call 1-888-DTV-2009 (1-888-388-2009), or visit www.DTV2009.gov.

For more information on KUAC's "DTV: Experience the Benefits" seminar, call Tammy Tragis at 907-474-1890 or email tammyt@kuac.org.