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News briefs: people and programs at UAF

Submitted by Marmian Grimes
Phone: 907-474-7902


KUAC to briefly go off air for maintenance
KUAC will be off the air Thursday, July 17 at 11 p.m. for scheduled maintenance. The radio station, 89.9 on the FM dial, will not be broadcasting for at least two hours. The station might remain unavailable for a maximum of five hours.

UAF alumnus receives Dibner literary fellowship
Ben Kostival, who has a master's degree from the University of Alaska Fairbanks, has been awarded a Martin Dibner Memorial Fellowship in fiction writing. The fellowship includes a $500-$1,000 grant and is awarded annually to three promising writers from Maine who are working on developing their literary skills. Kostival is currently a substitute teacher in the Saco, Maine school district. He has published pieces in the literary journals Willow Springs, Frisk and Rendezvous and he is currently working on finishing a novel, "Elm and North."

UAF researchers chosen for publication in online journal
A paper by researchers at the Office of Electronic Miniaturization at the University of Alaska Fairbanks was selected to appear in the Virtual Journal of Ultrafast Science. The article focuses on researchers' work to find more accurate ways to detect toxic gases using microstructures and nanostructures. The paper, "Electrical and Optical Properties of V2O5 Micro-Nano Structures Grown by Direct Vapor Phase Deposition Method," first appeared in the journal of The Electrochemical Society where it was recognized as cutting-edge technology. The research is funded by the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and aims to explore ways to use metal oxides to develop miniaturized sensors that can detect hazardous gases. The sensors could have applications for domestic, private companies as well as the military. The paper is available online at www.vjultrafast.org/. For more information contact Nilima Hullavarad at 907-455-2021 or ffnvh@uaf.edu.

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