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Public lecture: "Leading in Difficult Times"

Submitted by Sheri Layral
Phone: 907-474-5942


Jeffrey Pfeffer, professor of organizational behavior at Stanford, will be giving a public presentation Tuesday, Sept. 23 at 7 p.m. His lecture, "Leading in Difficult Times," will take place in the Schaible Auditorium on the UAF campus. The Fairbanks community is welcome.

Jeffrey Pfeffer has published extensively in the fields of organization theory and human resource management. His current research focuses on the relationship between time and money, power and leadership in organizations, economics language and assumptions and their effects on management practice, how social science theories become self-fulfilling, barriers to turning knowledge into action and how to overcome them, and evidence-based management--what it is, barriers to its use and how to implement it.

Jeffrey Pfeffer received bachelor's and master's degrees from Carnegie Mellon University and a doctorate from Stanford. After teaching at the University of Illinois and the University of California, Berkeley, he joined the Stanford faculty in 1979. He is the author or coauthor of 11 books.

His lecture is sponsored by the Northern Leadership Center and the School of Management.