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The following stories were featured in 2005. For additional features, see the archives for other years.

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December Up on the housetop, click, click, click...
Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer may be running from house to house this December, but it's clear he and his reindeer friends have diversified their workplace. Reindeer aren't just for transportation anymore.

November Bird flu clues may lurk in Alaska wildfowl
Public health officials and researchers around the world are casting an increasingly uneasy eye toward migratory birds, especially in Alaska, following recent outbreaks of a deadly strain of avian influenza in other parts of the world.

October Students blend science with Native perspectives
"My study has allowed me to see the strength of both science and our own Native knowledge of the environment," said Richard Glenn, ice scientist, Inupiaq whaler and vice president of lands for the Arctic Slope Regional Corp.

September University research in flight
Whenever the bright orange and blue blimp with the UAF logo on the side goes up, people stop and point. Airplane pilots fly by to check it out.

August Art on the Grid
The first time Assistant Art Professor Miho Aoki met Associate Music Professor Scott Deal she walked right in his office and said "I want to collaborate."

July Polar bears and bowhead whales: surprising connections
A polar bear circled the four biologists as they checked out the house-sized pile of whale bones at Point Barrow, Alaska--the northernmost point of the United States.

June Second choices lead to a first-rate finale
After high school, John Plucker planned go on foreign exchange to France before choosing a college. When those plans fell through his second choice was clear: he applied to UAF.


Arabic language and culture comes to TVC
Some dressed in military fatigues and others in civilian clothes, the soldiers sat in the third floor classroom in downtown Fairbanks. At exactly 7 p.m. their instructor walked into the room. The joking ended and the potentially life-saving education began.

April Marine advisory agent crashes shellfish hurdles
Many people are likely to give up when they run into government bureaucracy and regulation. When Ray RaLonde encounters it, he rolls up his sleeves and sets out to change the system.

March For successful athletes, academics and sports merge
Some come from Alaska. Some come from other nations. But they've all come to the University of Alaska Fairbanks to earn a degree and play their sport as well as they can.

February UAF students explore Mars
In a dimly lit office in the West Ridge Research Building, John Chappelow sits at his computer analyzing data. A poster of the Red Planet's pockmarked landscape hangs behind him, while a screensaver of martian terrain occasionally blips into a slow pan across his computer screen.

December 2004-
January 2005
Ancient process marks clay with fire
Ceramics students at the University of Alaska Fairbanks get to work with fire in a big way during the week-long firing of a kiln built in the same basic style as those of ancient Japan and China.