Why are students being asked how they use the library?


Who are the people walking around taking tabs on students in the library and what do they do with that information?


Thank you for your question. We frequently send student workers or staff around the library to record how it is being used. We count the number of patrons in each area of the library. This information helps us in several ways. Knowing how many patrons are in the library at different periods of the day helps us determine library hours. Knowing what spaces patrons use and how they use them helps us decide how to place such things as furniture, lighting and connectivity, creating a design that best serves an area’s purposes. Knowing what equipment is being used helps us determine what needs to be replaced or purchased. We also compile our patron counts for annual reports to university leadership, grant proposals and other uses.

— Suzanne Bishop, development officer and public information officer, Elmer E. Rasmuson Library