Results of the employee engagement survey


When will the results of the employee engagement survey be presented/released? Seems like it was much hyped and then silence and now I’m fighting office rumors that it must not look too good consequently.


Thank you for your interest. The results of the survey are posted online at and were shared with the campus in my Dec. 18 memo. Here is an excerpt:

“The survey results, with nearly 50 percent of our employees responding, showed that UAF has both strengths and weaknesses in employee engagement.

“The majority of UAF employees feel engaged at work; however, UAF has a lower percentage of engaged employees than other organizations whose employees have taken similar surveys conducted by DecisionWise consultants.

“Connections to co-workers and job satisfaction at UAF are among our greatest strengths. Most employees have good relationships with their supervisors. Our employees care about their organization and the people they work with. They enjoy their work and treat each other with respect. It’s also no surprise that, because UAF is committed to bettering the lives of students and advancing knowledge, our employees find meaning and purpose in what they do every day.”

The Chancellor’s Cabinet will identify actions to implement in the next year. For more information visit

— Mike Powers, chancellor