What you can do as an employee to advocate on behalf of UAF to the legislature


Given our current budget landscape, what can I do as an employee to advocate on behalf of UAF to the legislature? What else can I do to help?


One thing you can do is try to keep informed. The session this year is Jan. 19 to April 17. Keep an eye on what’s happening in the Legislature through the news media. In addition, our representatives and senators often have newsletters. Watch for opportunities to express your opinions to your elected officials through the legislative process, such as public testimony at your local Legislative Information Office. You can receive updates from UA staff who are in Juneau by signing up for the supportUA listserve. That way you’ll  receive the most up-to-date information on UA’s budget and advocating opportunities. https://lists.alaska.edu/mailman/listinfo/supportua-l

— Mike Sfraga, vice chancellor for university and student advancement

To keep up to date on important hearings or opportunities to actively
engage in advocacy for the university visit the UA State Relations webpage: http://www.alaska.edu/state/advocacy/.  There you will also find tips for state advocacy.