Unauthorized parking in gold lots


Why do we pay $817.00 for our gold passes when people can park in the gold lots all day long without consequence for not having a gold decal, or in most cases any decal at all.  I’m getting sick and tired of calling the Bursar’s Office on a daily basis to have the lots enforced so I can park without having to pay meters. It shouldn’t be that hard to do your job or then stop charging us to work on campus!


Thank you for your question. The Community Service Officers perform parking enforcement throughout the day. Because they have a wide array of duties in addition to enforcing the parking regulations on campus, there are times in which we rely on good citizens like you to notify of us of infractions. When we receive those reports, the CSOs are often immediately dispatched to the area to locate and cite the vehicle, when it is appropriate to do so.

— Keith Mallard, UAF police chief