Eliminating duplicate degree programs in the UA system


There are many duplicate undergraduate degree programs at both UAA and UAF:
B.S. degrees in anthropology, biology, civil engineering, computer science, electrical engineering, geology, math, etc.
B.B.A. degrees in accounting, economics, marketing, etc.
B.A. degrees in art, music, sociology, theatre, etc.
How would duplicate programs be eliminated in the UA system and how many years would it take to accomplish this?


UAF has an established program review process that sometimes leads to program elimination, usually of low enrollment programs. That process involves three levels of review — a faculty committee, an administrator committee consisting of deans and campus directors, and the Chancellor’s Core Cabinet (the chancellor and vice chancellors, including the provost). That process takes about one academic year.  While some of the programs that have been eliminated are programs that exist at UAA, program duplication is only one of the criteria considered in this process.

It appears, from discussions of the Strategic Pathways draft so far, that a different process could be used to eliminate duplicate programs in the future. However, no specific information on that process is available yet.

— Susan Henrichs, UAF provost