Where does Summer Sessions airfare come from?


I saw on the Summer Sessions page today that UAF is offering any student who comes up for the summer a free round-trip airline ticket from Seattle. It’s a great idea…but where is the money coming from?


Good question. Alaska Dreaming was designed to attract Lower 48 students who would otherwise not attend Summer Sessions at UAF.  Each student coming is required to enroll and complete a minimum of six credits. The income from those six credits is a minimum of $1,152 ($192 X 6) with lower division credit. A round-trip airline ticket from Seattle is less than $400. That is a net gain of $752 to Summer Sessions. These students also provide UAF with additional income for fees and dorm utilization. It is also a way to market UAF to the Lower 48 in hopes that these students may decide to stay into the academic year.  Alaska — try it, you will love it.

— Michelle Bartlett, director, UAF Summer Sessions and Lifelong Learning