What's the coolest thing in your office? I've had this #flamingo lawn ornament in mine for over a year. We share all of our work secrets. #uaf100 #nanooknation
RT @uafairbanks: **UPDATED** Images from the Rural Alaska Honors Institute Class of 2017 - #RAHI17 https://t.co/LEmx1efIPb #uaf100 #NanookN…
**UPDATED** Images from the Rural Alaska Honors Institute Class of 2017 - #RAHI17 https://t.co/LEmx1efIPb #uaf100 #NanookNation
Fairbanks campus seen from the Chena River. Photo by official campus photographer @jr_ancheta. #alaska #uaf100
It's important to get in a good stretch after the long gold discovery run! #uaf100 #nanooknation
Right before the start of the Gold Discovery Run with @chandafile. #uaf100 #nanooknation
Beautiful Alaska perennials on display across the @uafairbanks campus. Come explore the museum and what's outside our doors #visituamn #alaskamuseum #naturallyinspiring #purple #columbine #lovealaska #explorefairbanks #veronica #flowers #madeinalaska #viewfromhere #foxglove #nanooknation #uaf100
I did a quick overnight trip to hike the Quartz Creek Trail near Mt. Prindle. I don't typically love hiking on ATV trails, but this one was super pretty up high. I recommend it! #uaf100 #nanooknation
@FBKSChamber End of route. Tons more pictures from today's parade will be posted on FB this weekend. #uaf100… https://t.co/bOfYr86VMq
@uafcla Dean Todd Sherman carries @uafairbanks #uaf100 colors in the 2017 Golden Days parade. #nanooknation
Golden Days celebrates the early 20th century gold rush years in Fairbanks. #uaf100
@FBKSChamber The local #4H connects experts from the Fairbanks campus with community members curious about animals.… https://t.co/3anTeyAoDH
#firescience students in this year's Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce Golden Days parade. #goldendays #uaf100
At the 2017 Golden Days parade. #uaf100 #nanooknation
Thread for posts from today's @FBKSChamber / Kinross Golden Days Grande Parade. #uaf100 #goldendays https://t.co/DlG8MxBzV8
Daisy Tada! loves taking me on walks at Birch Hill. Here we're on the Black Baron trail. #uaf100 #nanooknation
Lunchtime walk around #westridge. #uaf100 #nanooknation
Good morning #nanooknation! I'm Lauren Frisch, Public Information Officer for @uafcfos and @rvsikuliaq. I spend a lot of time on or thinking about boats and ships, and am an avid user of the UAF trails. This week is going to ...
Throw back to last Thursday when the children drew this rocketship with chalk. This is how future engineers start out! These small people are our future and all of us at Bunnell House value each and every one. They are ...
Rest time is the best time! No, not really, but it is important for growing bodies and to keep late day crankiness at bay. 😄 Wouldn't you love an afternoon rest time? #nanooknation #uaf100
Autonomy is empowering! Bunnell House teachers encourage and support children to do things for themselves. This little guy is concentrating hard to buckle his bike helmet and *not* pinch under his chin. #nanooknation #uaf100
#repost @nanooknation ・・・
Kevin! This is Kevin, the Bunnell House rabbit. Here he is eating lettuce the children fed him from their garden earlier this month.
Kevin is a 5 year old mini Rex and the softest little bun! I ...
My cat, Poppy, was not pleased to learn that this is my last day as administrator for #nanooknation and she hadn't been featured, especially since her sister the poodle had appeared. Here you see her showing her lack of amusement. ...
Is this how the #georgesonbotanicalgarden waters their beautiful gardens? Probably not! But Bunnell House children do! The teachers also help with a hose and the sky helps with 🌧. #nanooknation #uaf100
Bunnell House children not only help with tending their garden, they enjoy decorating it! I love seeing their art tucked in among the plants. 💕 The last photo in this posting is of a garden stone children made several years ...
Kevin! This is Kevin, the Bunnell House rabbit. Here he is eating lettuce the children fed him from their garden earlier this month.
Kevin is a 5 year old mini Rex and the softest little bun! I told him I ...
Views from my office in the Bunnell House attic! It's rest time now, so it's quiet, but usually I also see busy children. 😊💕#nanooknation #uaf100
Looking forward to the 2017 @FBKSChamber / Kinross Grande Parade this Saturday. Here's some images from past years.… https://t.co/PZrRwmxkom
This guy really makes the rounds on the Bunnell House playground. He considers himself a protector and guard, but he has fun, too. Earlier, he was taking a swim in the kiddie pool. Here he guards the snack table against ...
Practicum student Tabitha brought out the woodworking bench today and it was very popular! The children in the background just have toy tools they're pretending with while they wait for their turn. #nanooknation #uaf100
It's a beautiful day to be a dinosaur at Bunnell House. Did I say dinosaur? Oops! I meant child - it's a beautiful, fabulous, fine day to be a Bunnell House kidlet! ❤️Or dinosaur. #nanooknation #uaf100
As we get closer to the start of the 17/18 school year here's a few images from Commencement at the end of 16/17. #uafgrad17 #uaf100 #nanooknation
Terrence's history lectures are a doggone good time. #sorrynotsorry #whenyouseeit #idareyoutocomeupwithabettercaption #historyonwheels #uaf100
This little Bunnell House super hero said the branch he found was perfect for a bird's nest "except it tore from the tree." #nanooknation #uaf100
On the Bunnell House field trip, the children noticed that trees come in various sizes, have different types of bark, and some shed cones. One of the planned activities was measuring tree trunks. #nanooknation #uaf100
Every summer we grow a sunflower house at Bunnell House. Swipe left to see how tall it is compared to the children! #nanooknation #uaf100
Field trip for the 3 & 4 year old class at Bunnell House today! The excursion was planned and led by practicum student Tabitha. #nanooknation #uaf100
Timeline Photos Read more big ideas from the past century of higher ed in Alaska: http://uaf.edu/centennial/uaf100/ideas/. #UAF100 #NanookNation
#uaf100, a playlist by Ua Fairbanks on Spotify Great music from the past 100 years. #UAF100 #MusicallyInspiring
A playlist featuring Binnie Hale, George Formby, The Mills Brothers, and others
Blue and Gold Gala - #uaf100 Looking forward to the next big event! #UAF100 #NanookNation
Doll up! 1920s attire encouraged (or semiformal wear).

Join us to celebrate UAF's first 100 years and our distinguished honorees. Net proceeds will benefit UAF students through the Centennial Cornerstone Scholarship ...
#UAF100 Some of the things people have shared so far. Looking forward to seeing how you celebrate #UAF100! #NanookNation
A celebration of 100 years of education in Alaska. And looking forward to many centuries more.
University of Alaska Fairbanks Thanks for sharing this memory and image! #uaf100
Dave Resa messaged this photo from his 1980 season with the Alaska Nanooks basketball team. "A 19-8 season including big win at UAA. Class of 81'" #GoNooks #NanookNation #tbt #uaf100
University of ...
University of Alaska Fairbanks #uaf100
"[Lola] Tilly came to Alaska from the University of Minnesota, where she had taught field cookery. Her early students here often were miners idled by winter. One asked Tilly how to bake biscuits with no utensils. Mix a sticky ...
University of Alaska Fairbanks Rasmuson Library #uaf100
The Alaska Agricultural College and School of Mines opened the Carl Ben Eielson Memorial Building in 1934 as a museum and with space for the music department. The original plan called for a three-story concrete building but the Depression ...
UAF Alumni Association Thank you for helping us celebrate #uaf100. See more birthday cards here: http://bit.ly/uaf100socialwall. #NanookNation
Great to see you, Bob Timmer `71! You can post a selfie to social media using #UAF100 or send to us at uaf-alumni@alaska.edu. Look for the ...
UAF Alumni Association See more people celebrating 100 years of higher education in Alaska: https://uaf.edu/centennial/#social. #NanookNation #uaf100
Looking good, Bob Charles `07! Thank you for sharing! #UAF100
University of Alaska Fairbanks Centennial shared UAF Alumni Association's photo.
College of Rural and Community Development - CRCD Thank you Carlson Center! #uaf100 #NanookNation
Stop by and see the College of Rural and Community Development - CRCD at #EY2016 located at the Carlson Center this week and take a pic to wish University of Alaska Fairbanks a Happy ...

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