Addresses should be updated on parking website


Where is the Office of the Bursar pulling the addresses for individuals?

A few of us in an office received citations and learned the Office of the Bursar had used out-of-date, incorrect address on the citation bill.

How is this possible when many of us are frequently directed by UAOnline to confirm our personal information is accurate and up to date. In addition to UAOnline, we are also reminded every tax season by HR to ensure our mailing addresses are accurate and up to date.

With systems in place, how is it possible for the Office of the Bursar to have out-of-date address used in their communications?

This is concerning because UAF students, staff and faculty do not need another broken process creating frustration and confusion. Please review the internal process and update it to the systems in place and capture the correct, accurate data.


The Office of the Bursar pulls permanent and mailing addresses on a daily basis from Banner, the University of Alaska’s integrated data system, which provides access to UAOnline account information. However, any address that a customer enters on the parking website ( becomes the one the Office of the Bursar will use first to communicate. If a customer’s actual address changes and the customer does not update it on the website, it will remain incorrect in the office’s records. All mailing or email addresses that you enter on Parking Online are designated as “web” or “web appeal” addresses. These can be edited by you on the site. All other addresses listed for you on the site come from your UA Online account and can only be edited through it.

If Parking Services is unable to locate a record in Banner, it relies on information from the State of Alaska’s Division of Motor Vehicles. If a vehicle has not been properly registered or transferred after a sale, the state’s ownership information will also be incorrect.

If you feel that your information is incorrect in our system, please contact Parking Services directly to correct it.