Directional signs to the UA Museum of the North


I work on West Ridge. Because Koyukuk Drive is a one-way street going away from the museum, museum visitors who come up Tanana Loop routinely get lost. They naturally go straight at the intersection with Yukon Drive, end up facing a “Do not enter” sign, and have no idea how to get to the museum. Possible solutions: (1) make Koyukuk Drive 2-way again; (2) reverse the direction of the one-way street so that people can drive to the museum from the northwest end of the ridge; (3) in the short term, please add a big sign at the intersection of Tanana Loop and Yukon directing people to turn right to get to the museum. Thank you.


Thank you for the suggestion. UAF Design and Construction staff are looking into a solution. A staff member has investigated the issue and is exploring options for a well-placed sign.

— Jenny Campbell
UAF Design and Construction