Adobe Acrobat XI Pro support ending


Will UAF continue to use our Adobe Acrobat XI Pro license structure after Oct. 15, 2017? The splash screen states that support for the product ends Oct. 15, 2017. Will this also include our other Adobe products like PhotoShop? Will we have similar products to replace these now unsupported programs? With them being unsupported will this also mean they are soon to become security risks?


The university continues to evaluate software packages that are provided centrally to the whole UA system. Three years ago, Adobe changed its licensing model from one of concurrent use to an FTE model (i.e., based on the number of employees), which would have dramatically increased the cost to the university. At that time, the decision was made to stay with the existing Adobe Acrobat Pro program licenses for the foreseeable future.

The FREE Adobe Acrobat reader should always be kept current on your workstation — it can be downloaded from Adobe’s website. The university will continue to evaluate options and alternatives to Acrobat Pro.

The other Adobe Products, such as Photoshop and Illustrator, are no longer cost-effective for the university to license on an entire enterprise manner. The university continues to maintain CS6 in a shared concurrent manner. However,  individuals and departments needing more recent versions of those specific programs will need to purchase them on their own.

— Karl Kowalski, chief information technology officer, University of Alaska