Are the print versions of the university catalog really gone?


On 10/14, Grapevine posted a question from a staff member posted regarding PDF versions of the university catalog. Based on their question/the response by Grapevine, it sounds as if print versions of the catalog are no longer available. Is that true? As someone who does a lot of undergraduate advising, having a print version of the catalog is critical, as we are already negotiating multiple open browser windows with DegreeWorks and the online course schedule.


Yes, the printed catalog is no longer available. However, you still have the options to print on demand or to have the College of Rural and Community Development Bookstore print for you.

Go to and click the Print Options button at the bottom of the left column. There are options to download the entire catalog, just the course descriptions, everything except the course descriptions, and only the page you’re currently viewing.

Please note that these PDFs look significantly different from previous catalogs and have much higher page counts. While the option to print is available, the most up-to-date information will be online.

— Carla Browning, Grapevine administrator