What is the plan for assessing the success of the Strategic Pathways process?


What is the plan for assessing the success of the Strategic Pathways process? Is it posted somewhere?


Strategic Pathways is designed to guide our system for the next few years. Some 230 people took a critical look at 22 key areas, including finance, engineering, teacher education and procurement.

The work resulting from the phase 1, 2 and 3 team options may not produce immediate results. The long-term goals of the process are to focus on cost-effectiveness, quality, access, community impact and fiscal sustainability, the success of which may take years to be fully realized.

Although we are still in implementation mode, here are some improvements to date:

a.      We are reducing management schools from three to two.
b.      We are reducing three education schools to one.
c.      We are reducing three procurement centers to one.
d.      We are reducing three academic calendars to one.
e.      We have established a common set of general education requirements, making it easier for our students to transfer across the system.

Other areas of review are going through a needs assessment for further fact finding before going into the implementation phase. We are training our people in Lean Process Improvement, and streamlining and automating clunky administrative processes and systems.

As we continue to progress with implementation plans, information will be shared via the UA Board of Regents’ meeting agendas and materials and the Strategic Pathways website.

— Roberta Graham, associate vice president, UA Office of Public Affairs