Filling the ASUAF vice president vacancy


I heard ASUAF was hiring for a vice president. Is this legal? I thought they had to be elected. What’s the point of us voting if they can hire their friends?


The position of ASUAF vice president is filled through an election by the student body on the same ticket as the president every spring. These positions are hired as hourly student employees. Last spring, Colby Freel and James Gilchrest were elected as president and vice president, respectively. However, Vice President Gilchrest resigned his post, effective Aug. 6, 2016.

Per the ASUAF bylaws: “In the event of the removal, resignation or inability of the ASUAF Vice President, the ASUAF President shall select a member of ASUAF to fill the vacancy. This appointee shall be subject to confirmation by the ASUAF Senate.” (ASUAF Bylaw 132.1)
President Freel used an internal process to help him select a replacement from the student body at large. In an effort to be as equitable and transparent as possible, the vacancy was announced through social media and interested students were encouraged to fill out an application. That was then followed by a meeting with President Freel. This method is not connected to the university recruitment process.
Colby selected Allyssia Garcia as replacement vice president. She was confirmed by the ASUAF Senate on Sept. 18.
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— Anne Williamson, ASUAF staff