ATCO trailers


I was wondering if the ATCO trailers on West Ridge are leased. Trees were cleared and a picnic table was moved from behind O’Neill to make room for two ATCO trailers that were used for only a short while and then sat vacant. This fall one ATCO trailer was finally hauled out while the other one seems to be occupied by someone who has been living in it since at least early this summer. If it would save UAF money and if space is available in the permanent buildings it seems like reducing the number of ATCO trailers should be considered.


UAF owns the ATCOs currently on-site on campus and is not paying to lease them. UAF does, however, incur utility costs associated with keeping the ATCOs functional. UAF did dispose of one ATCO unit this year that was in poor condition.

The ATCOs have served as surge space on campus when we have insufficient space. The ATCOs behind O’Neill were originally placed there as construction trailers for the construction of the Murie Building and are presently assigned to the School of Natural Resources and Extension as space for graduate students. The ATCOs behind the Reichardt Building house IAB’s Toolik Lake operations team. The ATCOs next to the ACEP test lab house construction workers for the Combined Heat and Power Plant project.

It is true that as UAF’s budget has decreased, our faculty and staff levels have also decreased and there is some extra space on campus.  However, our first priority for the newly vacated space on campus is for units currently housed off-campus in leased space. We hope to have three off-campus units back in UAF facilities, thus saving the lease expenditures, by the end of the fiscal year.

Once we have the currently off-campus units back on campus, we can assess whether and how we can rehouse the units currently assigned to ATCO space. Ideally, none of our units would have long-term ATCO assignments.

— Kari Burrell, Administrative Services vice chancellor and executive officer