August workshop discussed early career women in science

A three-week Homeward Bound expedition to Antarctica inspired Joanna Young, an Alaska Climate Science Center graduate fellow, to organize a workshop to discuss what it means to be an early career woman in science. The Leadership Workshop for Early Career Women in Science brought together 45 women scientists and supporters with a variety of backgrounds from science education to natural resource management. The two-day event was held in August in Fairbanks.

“I wanted to host this workshop to bring the things I learned from my incredible Antarctic experience back to my community,” says Young. “There are so many talented, powerful, motivated women and allies in Alaska who I knew would also be interested in learning how to be more effective leaders in their fields.”

Discussions ranged from personal to professional development, with topics that included navigating work-life satisfaction, collaboration strategies, communication techniques, awareness of cultural differences, visibility and inclusivity. These topics connected the overarching mission of the workshop: to increase the capacity of women in science to have a voice at the leadership table, in any field they are passionate about.

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