Bathroom sign costs?


How much did it cost to create and install all of the new bathroom signs? Were there other costs associated with making the campus bathrooms more inclusive?


UAF Design and Construction has spent $16,000 changing over all the signs on campus and creating the signs for the rural campuses. Rural campus signs will be installed as the maintenance contractor makes normal rounds throughout the state. On-campus signs are already installed as a part of this cost.

Other costs are wrapped up in making the campus restrooms more inclusive as well as compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. As UAF creates single-use ADA restrooms, we are signing them as gender inclusive, but we are not creating single-use restrooms strictly for gender inclusive reasons. We will be designing modifications to the Patty Center and SRC shower facilities to be gender inclusive, but those projects are also addressing deferred maintenance issues.

The guidance from the Office for Civil Rights states that a school must allow transgender students to access facilities consistent with their gender identity. It also states that a school may make single-use options available to students who seek additional privacy. To be in compliance with the letter and to follow as many of the allowable options as possible, we decided to change all (except some in Elvey since all the women’s restrooms there are single use) single-use restrooms into gender-inclusive restrooms by changing the signage.

— Jenny Campbell, UAF Design and Construction