The pint-sized patrons of the Bunnell House

By Scott McCrea

There were serious issues to be dealt with on
UAF’s Fairbanks campus May 13, 2010.
On the third floor of Signers’ Hall, the
suit-wearing contingency was dealing with budget
deficits, a planned protest for that Sunday’s
commencement ceremony, student concerns over
rising tuition, and the usual bustle that
accompanies the closing days of an academic
year. In the Bunnell House Early Childhood Lab
School, there was an issue of far greater
magnitude being dealt with by the pint-sized
patrons who spend their days there.
The blue toy motorcycle was missing.
And they were counting on me to find it.

A child at Bunnell House


Let me back up a second here.

When asked if I would be willing to write a day-in-the-life article on the Bunnell House for this magazine, I immediately said yes. After all, when one spends most of the workday on campus dealing with budgets and protests, spending any amount of time in the company of small children is a nice change of pace.

You see, at UAF, the Geophysical Institute churns out research, Financial Services churns out paychecks and the Graduation Office churns out diplomas.

At Bunnell House, they churn out smiles.

Not a bad place to spend the day, indeed.