Cars moved to Ballaine parking lot


Question #1
Why are so many cars allowed to park long-term in the Ballaine parking lot? Today there are 15 cars that have been parked in the most desirable parking spaces as least since Friday or Saturday (you can tell by all the snow on them). This doesn’t seem right. Also, when they finally leave, the vacated parking spots haven’t been plowed. This is very frustrating. Is there anything Parking Services can do to discourage this?

Question #2
Why have all the snow covered cars that were in the Taku Parking Lot all winter now been moved into the first row of the Ballaine Parking Lot? If they were moved when the lot was plowed, why were they not towed to an impound lot for being parked illegally? Does UAF have regulations that cars shouldn’t just be left in lots for months at a time? It’s easy to tell in the winter when this is happening.


The cars were towed from the Taku to Ballaine for snow removal last week. The students have paid for parking and therefore are allowed to park on campus long term; however, they will be charged for the tow. The cars are expected to remain there until the students move them on their own.

— Darrin “Bear” Edson, Facilities Services