Cars parked long-term on campus


I note that some of the 5 cars (three Mercedes, a Saturn and a Dodge pickup) that have no evidence of a valid parking sticker that have been parked in prime spots in the Ballaine lot since March got a parking ticket on May 23.

It appears that at least one, the Saturn, already had several tickets on it and was not ticketed on the 23rd.

Why are these cars not ticketed DAILY? They’ve been in violation – DAILY – SINCE MARCH!

I pay for my parking permit. Why are these cars allowed to remain when they’ve been violators for an extended period?


Thank you for your feedback. We understand that parking can be frustrating at times, and we work hard to accommodate the many different parking needs on campus.

We’re in the process of looking into the parked cars. The impounding process requires us to contact the owners according to Department of Motor Vehicle records and give the owners a chance to respond. If you have additional questions, please contact parking at 474-5053.

Jane Smith, Office of the Bursar