Complaint of sexual harassment reports


I have a follow-up question to one asked some weeks ago. The previously asked question was the following: “If a student is removed from a class to protect her safety due to continued sexual harassment by the class instructor is the university required to make accommodations so the student can complete her course work?” Why would a class instructor who is repeatedly sexually harassing a student not be fired immediately? Why is UAF tolerating such behavior from faculty, staff or students?


When a complaint of sexual harassment is reported to the university, there is an obligation to review the complaint. The university will take immediate steps to stop the behavior, provide remedies and other support to the reporting party (complainant), conduct an unbiased investigation and take steps to prevent reoccurrence. For more detailed information about rights and resources provided complainants, please visit

Even if employees are accused of serious misconduct, they are generally entitled to a fair and impartial investigation into their conduct and due process under the Alaska and U.S. constitutions. If an employee were accused of the serious misconduct alleged below, he or she would likely be put on administrative leave or reassigned to a position with less risk to the university pending the outcome of an investigation. Based on the outcome of the investigation, the employee may be disciplined, up to and including termination. That allows the university to protect its community while also providing our employees with due process.

— Margo Griffith, Office of Diversity and Equal Opportunity director and Title IX coordinator
— Brad Lobland, Human Resources director