Construction crews and tobacco use on campus


UAF is a non-smoking campus, but this morning I saw construction crew members smoking by the dumpsters behind the new Duckering building. Please discuss campus non-smoking policies with their foremen.


Under University Regulation R05.12.102, contractors may use tobacco “within a fenced construction project in which the contractor has complete care, custody, and control of the job site, if the relevant contract explicitly authorizes the contractor to allow smoking within the site.”

The contract for the engineering building work contains the following clause:

“SC-09  Use of Tobacco Products: (General Conditions, Clause 14-Permits, Regulations, and Surveys) Use of tobacco products is prohibited in all buildings, grounds, trails, parking garages, parking lots, university-owned streets and sidewalks, and spaces leased or owned by the university with the following exceptions:

  1. Use of tobacco products is allowed within a fenced construction project site in which the Contractor has complete custody, except for areas within 50 feet of university building entrances and air vents.”

The designated smoking location for contractor employees on the engineering building project is behind the dumpster in the staging area located adjacent to the stairs from Alumni Drive.  While there is no fence around this staging area, it is designated as the construction project site and is 50 feet from any entrance or air vent.

Read the full university regulations here or visit the UAF Tobacco-Free campus page here for additional information and resources.

— Carla Browning, communications and institutional events manager, UAF University Relations