Cost of UAF paper directory


How much of UAF’s resources go into developing, editing, printing, and distributing the “University of Alaska Fairbanks Directory”, both in terms of dollar amount and man hours?

All of the information listed in the directory is listed, and arguably more accurately so online. Why do we still print this publication? It seems supercilious and possibly wasteful.


Thank you for your question. Each copy of the directory costs significantly less than an espresso at Arctic Java, and it is a tool that lasts for over a year.

On the surface, it may appear that the information should be available electronically via the UA Enterprise Directory, EDIR. In reality, when the 2017 directory was put together, more than 1,700 corrections to the electronic records had to be made. Considering UAF has about 3,000 employees, it is a very significant factor.

Intra-university communication is critical to UAF, now more than ever. The directory has been a valuable tool that most employees use on a daily basis.  If you find a number that has changed, you can write it in the directory. EDIR is corrected only if the individual employee updates the information, which just does not appear to happen.

— Michelle Bartlett, director, UAF Summer Sessions & Lifelong Learning