Do UAF employees get paid breaks?


What is the university’s policy on breaks? I was told that exempt staff do not get paid breaks. Is that true? I thought under federal law that employers have to give short break periods? Thanks for any insight.


The State of Alaska’s regulation only addresses the issue for employees between the ages of 14-17.  Federal regulation does not govern this issue. There is no formal UA policy on breaks; however, the university’s past practice has been that employees who typically work a full day typically receive a 15-minute break in the morning and in the afternoon. UAF currently uses this practice to the extent it is possible.
Supervisors should be aware that breaks, when applied appropriately, do benefit both employees and employers through increased employee engagement, creativity and productivity.
Here is a link to a summary of the rules in Alaska:

— Mary Schrage, assistant to the director & operations manager, UAF Human Resources, 907-474-6955