Electric shuttle


I have not seen the new sustainable electric shuttle making its route around campus this summer. Is it not in service this year?


Thank you for your question about the electric shuttle.

The electric shuttle has been used several times so far this summer. However, on several occasions we experienced larger groups of people touring the campus and riding the shuttle. The number of people in these groups was more than our electric shuttle could carry. Therefore, we had to switch back to our regular bus. Since this has occurred more than once, we are working to set up a permanent parking location on upper campus where we can park both buses and have the ability to swap from one bus to another in the event that we end up with large groups of riders at one time once again. This location must also have permanent electrical power so that we can keep the electric shuttle charged.

As soon as we have these logistics worked out, the electric shuttle will be running on upper campus on a more regular basis.

— Todd Smith, vehicle and equipment shop supervisor