Food trucks on campus


I recognize that the university has a dining contractor and an associated exclusive vendor contract. It doesn’t seem to me that the contractor would lose much if food trucks were allowed on campus because the dining contractor is not doing much business here in the summer anyway.

I’d hope that the chancellor would be supportive of the idea of food trucks on the campus in the summer since as a student here he ran a food truck of sorts (The Lemon Tree) on campus during the summer in his early days here.

Hope you can find time to respond…


From Pamm Zierfuss-Hubbard, Dining Services Contracts Manager

Dining Services is currently piloting a food truck on West Ridge beginning this Friday, June 26th for the summer. If this is successful, we’ll look into working with other vendors as well. Leadership is supportive of having food trucks on campus but the food truck industry is largely unregulated and as such, can be a safety concern.

Several food truck explosions have occurred in the lower 48 as a result of the lack of regulation. We are working with the university fire department and fire marshall to determine how best to serve the campus community while keeping everyone safe. Thanks for your suggestion and in the future, please email any other suggestions directly to Dining Services at