Guns still generally prohibited on campuses


I’m wondering what became of SB 174 and UA firearm policy that was part of the last legislative session? In searching I have not located if the policy for UAF has now changed. Are guns now permitted on campus? Is there a link that can be provided with this information or any updates?


SB 174, relating to weapons on campus, died in the House Finance Committee. Similar legislation may be reintroduced next January.

University of Alaska Board of Regents’ policy and related university regulations remain unchanged and can be found at

While there are exceptions, generally firearms are prohibited in buildings or parts of buildings owned or controlled by the university, on developed university land adjacent to university buildings, or at university sporting, entertainment or educational events.

Firearms are permitted: at approved and supervised activities, including rifle ranges, gun shows, etc.; in cars located on streets or in parking lots; by faculty or staff in residences and by dormitory students in approved storage, and while transporting firearms directly
to residences or dormitory storage locations; and on undeveloped and uninhabited university land.

The UAF Police Department has a secure room where individuals may store firearms. Call 474-7721 before you want to check an item in or out. This service is free of charge and easy to do. Visit for more information.

— Carla Browning, communications and events manager, UAF University Relations