Healthyroads program


When are we going to be apprised of what’s required for our Healthyroads rebate now that health plans have restarted July 1? Every season there’s a rumor that this will be the year we’re going to be forced to meet certain weight, blood pressure and cholesterol targets. Is there any planned change to the “points” system for FY17?


The new incentive program is out there and posted at; the site has been live since July 1. No significant changes this year except that we’ll be doing some new and different challenges this year. Sara Rodewald is working on the calendar for FY17, which will be posted on the wellness page at and updated throughout the year. The health care provider form for reporting biometrics from your physician is out there, and the Q&A has been updated for FY17. If you’ve had a dental, vision or wellness exam since May 1, or have a tracking device set up through Connected!, you may already have points credited for this year’s program. Go log in to Healthyroads and check your progress!

— Erika Van Flein, director of benefits, UA system