Library cuts are significant but don’t threaten accreditation


How will the coming budget cuts and Strategic Pathways affect UAF’s accreditation as a research institution? I am concerned that continued cuts in services and database subscriptions at Rasmuson Library will have a deleterious effect on UAF accreditation.


The current level of cuts, while substantial, will not jeopardize accreditation. Although some databases will not be continued, the library staff has worked diligently to find less costly alternatives that will meet faculty and student needs.  Some less-frequently used resources have been discontinued, but needed articles and other materials can be obtained through interlibrary loan.

There has not been much impact on the range of library services. There has been some impact on the hours and days that the library is open, but it is still open evenings and weekends. Students and faculty also have access to many online resources anytime.
I don’t mean to minimize the impacts; they will be noticeable, especially for faculty and graduate students who need some of the less-used databases that have been cut, and for faculty who need specialized books, because the book budget has been greatly reduced.  But the Rasmuson Library remains a good research library with resources that are sufficient for accreditation.
— Susan Henrichs, UAF provost