Improvements to UAF Post Office


I have a post office box on campus and have had it since 2001. After introduction of package lockers, the trash bin filled up with the yellow half-sheets dispersed with codes to open the lockers.

I put out a box to collect the papers, and I give them to the Bunnell House Lab School for the children to use for art projects, but the paper waste is truly astronomical. In one day alone, I gathered a 2-inch stack. I think a full half-sheet of paper with a six-digit code on it is a little unreasonable.

With a Sustainability Office on campus, it seems to me that UAF favors sustainable ways to do things. In the digital age of “there’s an app for that,” why can’t post office users receive a text or an email with the package code on it? Think of the amount of paper that would be saved, and (wo)man power putting it into people’s boxes.

Also, that machine for purchasing postage is horrible, always broken, and not at all user-friendly. Bring back Pat!!!

Looking forward to your response.


We are working with the box tracking and package lockers vendors to implement text notification of package availability. That project is moving a little slower than we had hoped, but we expect to begin beta testing within a few weeks and hope to have it available by mid-March or early April.  Look for an announcement from the UAF Post Office when this becomes available.
We are also working with the vendor for the postal kiosk to improve service and we’re exploring other kiosk options.
— Martin Klein, UAF Auxiliary and Contract Services business manager