Layoff notice status


In the email version of the Cornerstone that came out on March 3, Chancellor Powers indicated that initial layoff notices would be issued on March 30. Did any notices actually go out? Are any more anticipated to be sent out, and if so when? How will the notices be delivered (email, USPS, inter-campus mail, etc.)?


Yes, some employees have received layoff notices or notices of non-renewal or contract reduction. The process of crafting a plan to manage the UAF budget gap has been slower than anticipated, mostly due to uncertainty about state funding levels, so some units are awaiting more information before implementing their reduction plans. It is likely that there will be additional notices going out in the coming weeks or months. Those notices will be delivered in person by an employee’s supervisor or by HR, not via mail or email. As part of this process, all affected employees will receive due notice and will be provided assistance.